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Decanter Magazine, October 2021, awards Primitivo Fatalone Riserva 94 points

thumbnail of Decanter Wine Magazine 2021 Fatalone Primitivo Riserva 2018

Our organic Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo Riserva Fatalone 2018 was recently featured in the prestigious and internationally renowned, Decanter  Magazine, October 2021 edition. Our Riserva Fatalone 2018  was awarded a top score: 94 points.

Alessandra Piubello, a talented wine journalist, writes about  “Top 20 Puglian Primitivo”.  Only twenty wineries are featured, all of them representing  excellent wines in our region. When describing the appellation Gioia del Colle DOC, Piubello states: “Here, the Primitivo expresses a particular style: elegant, fresh, savoury and cellarworthy.” In the article, our Primitivo Riserva Fatalone was described as “emblematic of its variety and terroir” and “astoundingly beautiful”.

thumbnail of Decanter-Wine-Magazine-2021-Fatalone-Primitivo-Riserva-2018

Undoubtedly, we are honored to have been included in the list and specially proud to represent our territory and the Gioia del Colle DOC.



thumbnail of Decanter_FEB_2018_FATALONEOur Fatalone Organic Wines have been featured in Decanter’s Magazine February 2018 issue along with other excellent Apulian wines in an article titled “Fighting a Dream Climate,” which addresses the Primitivo variety’s proliferation in such a seemingly unwelcoming climate.

“Fatalone works biodynamically, with an impressive carbon-neutral winery. Fans of Fatalone’s Primitivo can decide if they share Pasquale Petrera’s belief in music therapy (a Rudolf Steiner concept), but whatever tunes or pieces the botti are listening to must be having a positive effect, judging by the quality of the wines.”

Within the same piece, our Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo Fatalone 2015 was picked for the list, “A taste of modern Puglia: Woolf’s 10 wines to try.” Our wine is described as “balanced and fresh” and a true testament to a wine that can “achieve greatness with no oak at all.”