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The World Atlas of Wine – 7th Edition

thumbnail of worldatlasofwine_7thed_2013Maybe the highest honour we could have ever desired to receive. Our Fatalone Organic Wines selected in the 7th edition, the latest, of the World Atlas of Wine by Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson: the most comprehensive and in-depth overview of the wines and the geographical areas of wine production from all over the world edited by the two most renowned and respected opinion leaders in the wine journalism world. Our Fatalone Primitivo Riserva was selected among the four most representative wines of Southern Italy with the assertion: “one of Puglia’s most consistently complex Primitivos”. The organic and 100% sustainable Fatalone winery is also particularly proud to have been mentioned among the most “notable producers” from Puglia and the only “notable producer” in our appellation area: the D.O.C. Gioia del Colle.

Corriere del Mezzogiorno

thumbnail of corrieremezzogiorno2013Excellent review of our organic Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo Riserva Fatalone 2005 by the well-known wine-writer Pasquale Porcelli in the column “in the glass” of Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo Riserva “Fatalone” 2005

Score Optimum

Jancis Robinson Purple Pages: “Can Primitivo age?” by Walter Speller

After participating in our Third Historic Vertical Tasting with 8 vintages of Fatalone Riserva during “Radici del Sud 2013”, Walter Speller offers an enthusiastic, detailed and honest description of each of our vintages in his article “Can Primitivo age?” on the Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages. Mr. Speller, internationally renowned wine writer, is in charge of the Italian wine reviews for Jancis Robinson’s blog. Not only does Mr. Speller share his invaluable tasting notes attesting to the fact that Fatalone Primitivo organic wines from Puglia can and do age well but he concludes that “it took the likes of Fatalone to correct that black-and-white image” of the Primitivo to the world!

Enogea #50

thumbnail of enogea50_2013Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo “Fatalone” 2009

Score 88/100

Our organic Primitivo “Fatalone” 2009 highly rated by Enogea, prestigious wine review, achieves also a remarkable place in Enogea’s column of highly recommended picks “Falco’s Summer Hits”

Blog Luciano Pignataro – Third Vertical Tasting of the Fatalone Riserva

This year Radici del Sud 2013 (the most important wine festival focused on Southern Italian wines made from autochthonous grapes) hosted the Third Historic Vertical Tasting of the Fatalone Riserva in 8 vintages from 2008 to 2000, masterfully and enthusiastically reviewed by the well-known wine journalist Enrico Malgi on the blog of Luciano Pignataro. Please click on the following link to read the article: Malgi@LucianoPignataro